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You know that feeling of slight letdown at the end of a tour… like, Now what I do for 12 months without this?

Well, our blog and social media channels are your best way to stay connected. Don’t miss that photo on Facebook that will take you back to a cherished memory or get you psyched for the upcoming summer. Or get a kick out of Jim’s provocative ramblings, or Anne’s training tips, on our blog. While you’re not going to find any cute cat videos, BRNW social media will keep you inspired.

Braking the Rules

I’m feeling like a rebel… and it’s about time. The day was warming up, after a cold start; I stopped to take my ear warmers off. As I pulled my helmet off, my sunglasses clattered to the ground – for about the six hundred and twenty-third time. That’s...

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January Training

Hi there! My name is Anne Linton, and I’m a retired MD who is now a cycling/triathlon endurance coach as well as Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at Anne Linton Coaching. I’m here to be a training resource for BRNW riders. Over the next six...

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Common Ground on Christmas

I was pedaling a quiet back road on Christmas Day, taking a break from the wrapping-paper chaos of my in-laws’ rural house. They live just above a wonderful valley, and a small network of local roads makes it easy to get in a quick 15 or 20 miles on a...

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Spare Changes

Faithful readers (and that’s a pretty select group, I imagine) will recall that my last post was about not coming in and making too many big changes to an event structure that already hums along quite well. So, of course, today I’m going to talk about some...

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New Sheriff

There’s a scene in “48 Hours,” the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte buddy movie from 1982, where Murphy – playing a convict temporarily released to help Nolte’s police detective solve a crime – finds himself in a cowboy bar surrounded by some less-than-socially-enlightened...

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Mental Postcards

This summer I got to experience a full BRNW event for the first time – and, bonus: I got two. It was a great immersion in the world of the BRNW Family; I really got a feel for what makes our events special, and somehow different from other tours that do basically the...

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